MobiScribe, Four Everyday Tasks in One Handy Device.


The MobiScribe Origin combines the simplicity and comfort of reading and writing in the real paper with the ease of access of digital notes.


1. Notepad: -

MobiScribe mimics the experience of real paper, including surface friction when writing. Reduce waste & save trees.


2. eReader: -

MobiScribe puts an entire library in your hand. The document viewer supports: .mobi, .epub, and .pdf file formats.


3. Folder Management: -

Never lose another note. Save notes and keep them organized with the folder management system.


4. Calendar: -

Never miss or be late to another meeting. Annotate, schedule events, and set reminders.


5. Handwriting To Text: -

MobiScribe's handwriting to text app allows for powerful note-taking and file searching.


6. Anti-Glare Capabilities: -

MobiScribe allows for note taking under direct sunlight.


7. Multiple Light Modes: -

Adjust screen brightness from warm to cool for easy viewing.


8. Real-Time Collaborative Shared Whiteboard: -

MobiScribe is ideal for classrooms, business meetings, and family/friends group discussions.


9. Sync In Cloud, Send In Email: -

MobiScribe enables digital handwritten notes can be sent effortlessly.


10. Maximum Portability: -

MobiScribe enables our creative thinking, notes and books are on-the-go with us.


YouTube Learning Resources: -


FaceBook Learning Resources: -


Hardware Specifications: -

Screen: E INK Carta™ 6.8 Inch ePaper Display.

Light: Front Light with Warm / Cold Glow.

Size: 132mm x 175mm x 9.8mm.

Weight: 227 grams.

Touch: Wacom Stylus & Capacitive Touch.

Pen: 4096 Levels of Pressure Sensitivity.

Memory: 2GB of RAM.

Internal Storage: 32GB.

SD Slot: Expandable storage with Micro SD card up to 32GB.

Battery: 3.7V 2050mAH Li-Polymer Battery.

Charge: Via USB-C port.

Package: Inclusive of EMR Stylus, Tips and Cover.


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MobiScribe Origin E INK

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